DJing We Are Monsters

Playing on 222 Hyde's sound system was such a treat, I didn't know when I played there on this night, that it was to be the final week of 222 Hyde. It will be missed.

We Are Monsters San Francisco

We Are Monsters, oh and they also make beautiful invites.

We Are Monsters San Francisco

We Are Monsters is a San Francisco party at the legendary 222 Hyde. I have played there twice, and it's a great place to DJ, incredible crowd that know their stuff, and a DJ's dream Soundsystem wise. The resident DJ's Mo and Jason are a tough act to follow, and really make me step my game up whenever I play with/for them.

Standard Hotel Downtown L.A

It's always fun DJing at The Standard Hotels, I play at both the Hollywood Location on Sunset Blvd and the Downtown LA location. This party I DJ'd was with Woolfy from DFA Records and Jeniluv.


Pleasure Trip

Pic from Pleasure trip L.A

Music For Dancers

This pic is from Music For Dancers in L.A

Warehouse Parties

I love a good warehouse party, and I am often invited to DJ at some of L.A's finest. The address is given out on the day, typically a sound stage or warehouse in an industrial part of town with a great sound system installed for the night. They go until the early hours of the morning, and are always hot, sweaty and fun. Some names to watch out for are Pleasure Trip, Nox Illuso, Excellent Birds and Music for Dancers. The daddy of them all though is Harvey's Sarcastic Disco

Cast Of Vices & Work Magazine

Cast of Vices make incredible jewelry inspired by, well, some of our worst habits. They take the bad and cast it in the finest of good, is kind of how I would sum it up. A cigarette butt cast in 24 karat gold, a VIP wristband made from solid silver. I love to wear their pieces. I DJ'd for them and Work Magazine at Bungalow which is a beachside open air venue in L.A run by Brent Bolthouse. Needless to say it was a swanky affair. Bungalow is a must go to spot if you are in L.A for sunset drinks and late night dancing.

Smoke and Mirrors San Francisco

The invite for Smoke and Mirrors, San Francisco. You must check out this party when you're in town. The resident DJ Shiny Objects is amazing and there are always great guests.

OM Records Mix

I recorded a mix for the legendary OM Records. Based in San Francisco, OM has been at the forefront of the California and indeed U.S scene for many years. What an honor to be asked. This is a tough party mix, definitely good to get you in the mood to go out. OM also used it to promote a night I DJ'd up in SF for Smoke and Mirrors at Monarch Club. You can find it here: https://soundcloud.com/omrecords/heidi-lawden-hour-of-power-om