Topanga Escape

My new escape...



Enjoy the mix I posted on Soundcloud. It's an oldy but goody.



Joshua Tree Store

Pioneer Town

Pioneer Town is a must visit in the desert. Pappy And Harriets Pioneer Palace is a venue that has live music every night, as well as a great BBQ. You'll see cowboys from the gun show, and hipsters that have made the treck to watch bands often doing pre-tour warm up shows.

Before waking up and heading out to a cold Joshua Tree

New Years

DJing in a facinator hat is not the easiest, but very glamorous.

New Years Eve

And New Years Eve with friends


Which brings me up to Christmas at the beach

Opera the American way, Pizza in the interlude...

Opera at Staples Center

My Grandma introduced me to Opera, she always had it playing in her house. The memories of her and the incredible voice of Andrea Bocelli brought tears to my eyes.


Harley's 'winning' sense of humor


I sang on a record for the band 'Locussolus' it will be released in the spring, promise to post it, once it's finished.

In Store DJ

I love when my friends come to my DJ gigs, this was an in store on Rodeo Drive. Shopping and dancing, who can resist that.

Let's Go Lakers

Smiley Face

Always makes me happy to see a smiley.

On Air at KCRW

On air at KCRW, I love radio!

KXLU Radio

KXLU is an underground radio station in L.A, run from LMU college. You can play whatever you want music wise, what a treat.


Found the cutest dog in the streets on Venice. It's so shocking to me that anyone would abandon anything. I took him home, had him checked out and vaccinated and decided to keep him, after initially thinking I'd find him a good home I realized he had one already.

DJing at Ace Hotel Palm Springs

DJing from inside a Vintage Volkswagon, perfect for Palm Springs.

Ace Hotel

Fellow Poolside DJ Daisy O'Dell and I had so much fun as a friend captured in this pic.

Ace Hotel Palm Springs

What a treat to combine my love of the desert and DJing for a pool party at The Ace Hotel Palm Springs. Eric Duncan was the guest of honor at this party, he makes some of my favorite edits under the moniker C.O.M.B.I. I got to DJ then dance all night to his music.

Topanga Airstream

It's great to have a friends Topanga Airstream to escape to and rest my ears.

Road Tripping

Letting someone else do the driving is great, I get to use my camera for a selfie.

Bar Copa Santa Monica

I love DJing this Santa Monica Hotspot.

Joshua Tree Sunset

Joshua Tree Garden

Joshua Tree Dirt Roads

The dirt roads in Joshua Tree really add to the sense of escape.

The Intergratron

The Integratron is best explained by googling it. You go there for a sound bath, and the experience is really incredible. It's in the middle of nowhere in Joshua Tree, and I can't recommend it enough.

Joshua Tree Inn

It is said that Gramme Parson's spirit never checks out of the Joshua Tree Inn, a great affordable motel full of history. I great place to stay.

Desert Rose

Cactus as big as I am in Palm Springs

Road Trips

I took many road trips

More Prada

But this one didn't make the cut

And the final choice with Miuccia's approval.

Prada Fitting

They hand selected some clothes for me to try at the store. Girly Heaven.

Fashions Night Out

I DJ'd for Prada at their store on Rodeo Drive in L.A. They gave me lovely clothes to wear, I played for 5 hours my friends came and it was so much fun.

Catching Up

I didn't feel too much like blogging in the latter part of 2010. Time to get caught up.