The Parker Hotel

Time to go chill at The Parker Hotel


The Dead Weather
Who should we go see next?
David searches for the perfect track for his many fans
The huge main stage back stage

Coachella Music festival

The annual Coachella music festival was about as special as special can be.  Artists All Access passes made the weekend an all together more relaxed affair.  I have pictures forever but I'm sure you've seen Coachella everywhere else.  Here are a few snippets of my weekend.  Thanks Caroline & David for the tickets.
Cream Attire signature CA tee
Available at:
Cream Attire is now stocked in Rogue Status Venice.  Here are the boys with Rogue honcho Yohann and a staff member sporting the 'make flags not war' tee

Cream Attire in stores

Hand delivery of Cream Attire in Louis Vuitton luggage no less.
even occasional kisses might swing the vote

Coffee and treats for voters

Vote Clarke

My dear friend and sometimes lawyer decided to run for the Venice Neighborhood Council and alloted me to be his campaign manager.  I promptly set about taking to the streets to spread the word and utilizing Obamicon for a catchy image.  It worked, he was elected. Go team Clark!