Picnic Time

There are few things nicer than escaping for the afternoon, packing a lunch and heading out for a picnic.  I am a little obsessed with picnic baskets, and accessories and have one ready to go (barring the food) in a cupboard in case the mood strikes.  Picnics remind me of simpler times when we would go picking berries with my grandma and come home with red stained hands and mouths.


Somethin' Else

I will be guest DJing here once in a while.  Digging through and dusting off vinyl for this weeks launch. I have been rediscovering some old gems 'Just Walk In My Shoes' by Gladys Knight has been on threepeat, the juxtaposition of heart wrenching lyrics and strong production is incredible.


Beautiful Birthday girl Maud blows out her candles.

30s soiree

I DJ'd for a friends birthday with a 1930's theme. Her boyfriend had organized a surprise theme party for her, so sweet. My new shorter hair is perfect for that look, and I wore a vintage YSL floor length dress from a local thrift store in Venice Beach "Gotta Have It".
Glen Miller 'In the mood' was my track of the night


Macaroons from a Venice Beach Bakery

I love macaroons.

Happy Bastille Day

I have stocked up on French cheeses, macaroons and wine...  Wearing this cute tee shirt and having an open house, nibbling as I work.


Industry Of All Nations Espadrille

This fresh take on the Espadrille with cute laces are the design of a friend Fernando for his brand Industry Of All Nations.  He generously gave me a pair.  You can check his website for your nearest store that sells them here.

Summer Shoes

This summer I will be mostly wearing Espadrilles...  Hailing from Spain and France they are the perfect summer shoe.  Mine have all been gifts from out of town (thank you Marie and Fernando respectively) This website has so many different styles to order


Vibrant fireworks inspire a vibrant canvas


Ahaa bliss
The beach was deserted and beautiful the following day, I soaked up the peaceful, mood lifting atmosphere.  Thats my dog Chilli, enjoying digging in the sand
The lookout tower from the Gehry house on Venice beach is the perfect spot.
Where should we watch the 4th July fireworks?

Happy 4th July

American Independence day is also Venice Beach's Birthday.  
State Of Independence by Donna Summer will be the tune of the day


The neighbors cat is happy to be fed by me too.


L.A Lakers

Catching I love seeing the Lakers play. I take Harley along.
I wore purple (of course) and selected the songs to celebrate post game.  LA Sunshine by War was a big favorite.

Laker Victory

I am a huge Laker fan, and wanted to share in their victory so I organized a finals watching party for some friends.  (I knew they'd take it)

Photo Shoot DJing

Sometimes I get really lucky and my work day looks like this...  I DJ'd a photo shoot overlooking Malibu beach positioned poolside.