Did I mention it's reversible.

New Favorite Record Bag

This is my new favorite bag... It will be replacing my red sheepskin DJ bag.  It was a gift from the folks over at Undefeated, a ltd release with Converse and just the right size for vinyl.

Sydney Says

Sydney has impeccable style, I wish she would style me from head to toe every time I DJ'd. 

B Brave

DJing for Benjamin's Birthday. He runs a label
Akwaaba Music for all things afro infused.

Cream Attire

Tee Shirts Done Right! Now available at Rogue Status Venice Beach & And Still Hollywood.

Gourmet Guys

The Scene

Nothing Is Original

Was asked to DJ for Gourmet Footware Spring Collection Launch at A Kinney Court

Gourmet DJ



I made this mix sometime ago, opening with the track.  It's all vinyl, recorded live, with a couple of  mistakes left in.  Enjoy!

Here is a mix I did sometime ago that begins with the track. It' all vinyl, live, with a couple of mistakes left in.

Heidski Mix by heidski