What is wrong with Groovin'

I Promise to add music once I get on top of this new server of mine, music is such a big part of my life I'd be a fraud if I didn't.  In the meantime I've added a link to a song below that means a lot to me. The story is too long to go into but it involves Giles Peterson and a UK radio station Jazz FM. I'm sure it's google-able.  Needless to say I like a guy that stands up for what he believes in, which is what I feel is the ethos behind this song.

Favorite pieces

I have these two favorite things that I keep reaching for to complete any simple look at the moment. one is this lovely vintage necklace from Sea of Shoes, a gift from a good friend with great taste. And the other are sunglasses I seem to be wearing daily, A collaboration between the Japanese brand Hectic & Stussy


Dom PĂ©rignon 2000 Vintage

When shall I crack this little birthday surprise


Sing for my supper

Or in my case DJ for my supper, I'm invited to play at an Erwin Hotel special event, thats a fair trade for such a lovely evening in that suite... Track of the night was a sleezy cover of Bee Gee's 'Give it up for love'

A lovely chocolate cake, more candles and wishes for me, before we fall asleep in the big round bed...

The suites clock made from Vans tells us it's time to party

Dogtown Suite has it's own large patio with the quintessential Venice view

Dogtown Sweet

They've given us the biggest room in the hotel, The Dogtown Suite, I wish you could see it all

Erwin Hotel

Time to meet up with the ladies at Venice Beach's Erwin Hotel

Resting a little before heading back South

Steamer Lane

The waves at Steamer Lane are a stroll away

The West Cliff Inn a lovely place to wake up overlooking Santa Cruz Beach

Birthday nightcap & candles on a surprise souffle.

Time to rest

It would be a shame not to stay somewhere lovely overnight.

I retreat to shore to laugh at what a scaredy cat I am

We watch the double overhead waves & admire the surfers bravery

The very brave paddle out to compete with mother nature

Lola tell us Mavericks is working!

Bluffs with crashing surf & the new Massive Attack album accompanying the drive

In the thick of a forrest

A taste of freedom

In celebration of another year older I was free to go do some of the lovely things I enjoy and remind me how lucky I am I came to California, this truly is beautiful country, how about we start with a drive along the coast, I love driving, and road trips and the feeling of always moving...


A well travelled Hermes bag to take home all the pretty things.


A little disco dress and Patrick Cowley's mix of I Feel Love by Donna Summer inspired me to...

Wedding Gowns

Vintage Wedding Gowns. The beautiful tales they could tell.

Shareen is an advocate of pulling a look together with a belt. She customizes these double wrap ones herself

Animal prints

Jewel colored petticoats

Vibrant red dress for a vibrant lady

A Grecian styled dress, later purchased as a valentines surprise

It's a group effort when choosing the perfect piece.

Birthday Girl

Amy looked so lovely in this dress Shareen gave it to her as a gift.

Birthday Cake

A beautiful heart shaped fruit tart Mmmmm

Let's play dress up

Set with the task of planning something special for my friend Amy's birthday I knew immediately what to do. Amy & I love to thrift shop almost as much as we love to twirl around the dance floor... With this in mind we decided to have a fun day of shopping and dress up to celebrate.
Shareen Vintage opened her wonderful store especially for us to sip Champagne, eat Birthday Cake and dress up till our hearts content. Shareen's clothes are hand picked gems and really, really affordable. She also has some custom pieces she makes herself. She has stores I highly recommend in both L.A and NYC.

Mirror mirror on the wall

After sifting through a bunch of almost but not quite right, I discovered this immaculate set, and even though at first I walked away I headed back to the stall as I knew it was the one, it even came with the original but a little worn box. Now what will the birthday girl think of it...

Flea Market

With a birthday gift in mind I decided to hit the flea market in Pasadena. Inspired by all things girly but without a clue what to buy I finally stumbled on a vintage vanity mirror, which set me off on a hunt for the perfect set.
I recommend the Pasadena Rose Bowl Market on the second Sunday of the month.


Black Eyed Peas/ David Guetta Grammy Party

Congratulations to David Guetta on his Grammy success. I took my lovely friend Amy as my date and we had such a wonderful time. We got dressed separately but somehow our looks were perfectly coordinated.

Trick Turner

Trick Turner & I

You got me workin day & night

It's no secret that I like to be busy, and Saturday was a perfectly bust day and night. After the fluxus store opening I had time to dash home for a quick outfit change and freshen up and then it was off to DJ with Trick Turner in Santa Monica. My friend Jess styled me in this beautiful vintage dress with a wide belt to cinch in my waist. I loved it! My tune of the night was a great new Coati Mundi track - No More Blues soon to be released on Rong Records.

Fluxus Founder

Fluxus founder


Fluxus in store event was so fun... I was given a beautiful dress to wear 'the kimono' from the collection. The store was busy with fashionistas all day long as well as some friends that popped in the say hello, and I got so many compliments on the music. My track of the day was Undercover Of The Night by The Rolling Stones. I think I'll do a re-edit of that one for the dance floor.

Can't wait to do it again & thanks to